Nov. 7th, 2009 01:56 pm
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I just paid off my student loan!!!! HURRAH!!!!

The sad thing is it's only an extra $50 a month in our pockets, but hey! That can be insurance when I get a better car.


Oct. 17th, 2009 07:39 pm
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I do believe I'm getting sick. I can't get that dirty sock taste out of my mouth, my nose is alternating between runny and stuffed, and my entire body aches from head to toe.

[ profile] emmy_roo, I blame you. You have somehow infected me over the interwebs.
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Fanfic brainstorming )

Fanfic idea

Oct. 6th, 2009 10:25 pm
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I was instructed to find a hobby, after all. I'm toying with a plot where Leia is arrested and tried for her "role" in the destruction of Alderaan due to some sort of political fallout. I don't want it to be EU based, so part of this would entail structuring a goverment and legal system. Any thoughts on government and justice in the GFFA?
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I am very nostalgic for Cardboard Han at the moment. Did he ever make it out of the closet? Did Gertie assault him? Did Yanks? Does Ivy still have a diabolical plot to set him free?

Oh, the things one remembers.
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RIP both Henry Gibson and Mary Travers. I'm sure the coverage of their deaths will be overshadowed by Patrick Swayze's passing, which is sad considering what long careers they had. Nothing against Swayze or his career, just an observation. Edit: I missed Larry Gelbart's passing. My point exactly.
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I came out of the laundry room this morning and found a naked Sue in her playpen, proudly holding her diaper. I scolded her and wondered what was getting into her. Joe told me she'd been doing this lately and we assumed it was typical baby "ooh, what can I destroy today?"

Then I realized when I went to get her out of the crib this morning she had already unfastened one side of her wet diaper and was working on the other one when I opened the door. And the one I just yelled her for taking off? Wet.

I probably confused Sue more than anything as it dawned on me. "GOOD GIRL! You were wet and took your diaper off! You are SO SMART! Sue, no, no, NO! Don't eat your diaper! Don't take off your diaper anymore! No, don't throw it -- SUE!!"

I don't know whether to start her or wait. I'm sure she'll let me know. But the first poopy diaper she takes off, on the potty she goes!

Silly LJ

Jul. 10th, 2009 12:34 am
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Okay I keep writing this post and LJ keeps dumping it for a restored draft. I got internet on my phone and I'm missed you all and am playing catch up on my friend's page. And if anyone knows how to get Sue talking let me know.
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Sue walked a full step Saturday before falling on her face. She hasn't repeated for me (naturally) but she's definitely thinking about trying this whole upright movement thing again.

We're coming up on her first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, and biggest of all first birthday. I can't believe how quickly everything's happened. The picture in my icon hangs right over our bed, and sometimes I'll look at it and wonder what happened to that little baby we brought home from the hospital? She slept 22 hours out of the day and took a whole ounce of formula every 2-3 hours. Now she has almost 8 teeth, sleeps through the night but is sooooooooooooo hyper during the day, eats teething crackers and baby food and takes 8 ounce bottles (when are we supposed to stop that, by the way?), grabs everything in sight and sticks it in her mouth, and she's not only crawling she's almost WALKING. Joe and I were talking about getting two cakes for her birthday -- one to eat and one for her to play in -- and it just hit me this isn't just casual far off conversation, this is something that's going to happen in a month and a half. It was quite sobering.

I guess she's going to grow up whether I like it or not. At least I can still call her Snicklefritz without her going "Oh my GOD, Mom, you're such an embarrassment."

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So Joe and I watched Indecision 2008, the show's almost over, and Jon Stewart announced Obama as the winner. And I'm thinking, yeah, he will be, but it's not official and until then I can't get my hopes up again like I did in '04.

I almost crapped my pants when not 10 seconds later Jon said CNN called it for Obama.

McCain was a gracious loser -- I hope Palin eventually learns something from her time with the man besides how to wink. Eight years ago if McCain had gotten the nomination over Bush I might've voted for him, but that was not the same man that ran this election. I hope to see that man return to the Senate, not the candidate.

Obama's speech filled me with hope. Being the cynic I am that's a bold statement, but I feel what I think my parent's generation must have felt when Kennedy spoke. I actually think we have a shot at repairing this country from the damage of the Bush administration and the Congress of the past 8 years, damage caused by both parties.

I am so glad Sue was born in this time. I can honestly tell Sue that she can be ANYTHING she wants when she grows up.

Except a stripper. No daughter of mine will wind up in clear heels. ;)
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And it sure isn't Joe or me. ;)

lauraflute: (Sue) coming because I'm waiting for YouTube to stop processing the damn thing. I'll try to re-embed after a smoke break brought to you by the letter M for Marlboro Menthol Lights.

...And YouTube has finished. I recommend turning the volume up because the whole audio technical thing didn't get figured out until after I finished editing and Sue was fast asleep. May she stay that way for several hours.

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This one is pretty benign, although I'm not sure what's up with the nostril close ups. ;) She's actually awake for this one.

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Sue is a darling child. Except for the green poopy diapers. And the refusal to go back to sleep after the 5 am feeding. Otherwise she is absolutely perfect in every way and I want to eat her up with a spoon. She is so well behaved in restaurants, but then again she did hear all the goings on while she was in my tummy so she probably feels right at home.

I went back to work this week, once again proving I'm a tough old broad. I intended to take it easy and only work a few shifts and somehow wound up with almost 30 hours. Ooops. Oh, well, Darvocet is my friend. I'm working a lighter (for me) schedule this coming week and then it's back to full time. Nice while it lasted. Speaking of nice while it lasted, I've relapsed to the smoky side. I'd planned not to, but the day I walked back into the Bee's it was either have one or commit homicide. Seriously, some people almost took up a collection to buy me a pack. I've pretty much kept it at work save half a smoke here and there.

Is it really 3 am? I have no frame of reference anymore. I guess I should go to bed. I've been up since 8:30.
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Sweet yet still demented. Hmm....

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Well, it's a good thing I went to my parents' Friday night because the heat went out at the apartment. They're still working on it but they gave us space heaters in the meantime so I was back home Saturday. Ironically the temperature went up to 65 today. Go fig. I'm leaving her with Joe tomorrow so they can have some bonding time (and because I hate being home when maintenance is there) and getting in some me time. And a drink. A big one. Maybe several since breastfeeding didn't work out.

And now what you've all been waiting for )
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Susan Claire Hergenroder arrived January 2, 2008 at 3:58 pm after 8 hours of induced labor, 6 1/2 of which were blissfully pain free thanks to the miracle of an epidural. Unfortunately it started to wear off in the last half hour of pushing and Mommy's nether regions are still a little unhappy about that. Fortunately Daddy's hands survived the ordeal intact and he was able to hold his daughter while what was left of Mommy got sewn back togther. The birth weight was officially recorded as 7 lbs. 6 oz. but 36 hours later she weighed 8/1 and a full scale (no pun intended) investigation has been launched to find the faulty device. She weighed 7/14 at discharge so they're estimating a true birth weight of 8/3. She would be the problem baby. ;)

Mommy is very very very very very tired and having postpartum depression issues as expected given her history, but otherwise she is okay. Mommy and Daddy's apartment manager is having issues giving people proper notice the exterminator is coming out with his poisonous chemicals so Mommy and Sue are at the grandparents' until the air clears a bit. Daddy is at home guarding the valuables from maintenance and getting some last minute things in place for the Baby Sue. Baby Sue is enjoying all the love and spoilage and doing a fantastic job of being adorable. Pictures will be posted once they are developed and scanned.

Thank you everyone for the well wishes. I will read them eventually. Probably about the same time I get to enjoy a hot meal, which at this rate will be, oh, 5 reincarnations from now.

Exhaustively and incoherently yours,

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The protein came back normal but I guess I looked so pathetic the doctor said if I didn't pop on my own by my next visit (this Thursday) they'd go ahead and induce me. When he asks when I want to do this my answer will be, "I can meet you at Labor and Delivery in 20 minutes. Just let me call the grandparents and move the car." One of the girls at work tried to talk me out of it saying my labor would be so much harder. Hmm...stay miserably pregnant, let her get that much closer to 9 lbs., risk her being too late to claim on the taxes this year (it's a practical issue -- we need the money to move to a bigger place) or get an IV drip of pitocin and/or let them break my water and actually have my daughter. I like option B myself.

Well, back to the "family fun" of Christmas Eve dinner and my hopefully labor-hastening ginger ale. I hope everyone has a good holiday, and hopefully the next post will be Baby Sue pictures.
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The bad news is although my blood pressure is normal there was protein in my urine at my last visit. A lot. And my hands and feet swell occasionally, but they don't know if it's indicative of preeclampsia or just normal late pregnancy swelling.

The good news is Little Sue is none the worse for wear and if the 24 hour urine sample I'm collecting yields the same results there might be an induction in my future. At this point I am all about some induction.

If Sue wants a little brother or sister someday, she's going to be sorely disappointed.
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At 35 1/2 weeks, Sue is estimated to be 6 lbs 10 oz, measures a week ahead of date, and I am 1 cm dilated. The doctor I saw yesterday stressed this does not necessarily mean a chance of a pre-due date exit, but if she continues at this rate the odds aren't bad either. They'll discuss it more when I go back next week. All I know is has low as she is and as hard as she's pressing down on my bladder, I better not go past my due date.
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