Jul. 29th, 2011

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Because there would have been some angry posts that are moot now.

He has an offer to stay with a friend in Minnesota -- a good established friend, not the "friend" type person in Texas. He just has to find a way up there. Someone is looking into their frequent flyer miles to see if they can help him up there. I told him if that didn't come through I might could help him with a bus ticket. I'd have to borrow the money from my parents and pay them back when I get paid Monday...and it would be the bulk of my paycheck...but it would mean I'm not spending my time worried about him getting hurt on the street, that he won't be sleeping in whatever place he can find and not be chased off by either the cops or other homeless people. And as painful as it will be for him to say goodbye to Sue again, he's finally realized being homeless near Sue isn't healthy for either of them. Do you know what our little girl said? Monday my mother asked her if she saw Daddy, and she said, "Yes, Dada sad." That broke my heart.

Minnesota doesn't come with anymore guarantees than Texas did, but it's one of the few viable options he has right now. I hope he makes it work for him.


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